Postcards #3 and #4 in shades of grey

Collage postcards 3 and 4
I finished postcards #3 and #4 for the iHanna DIY Postcard Swap. I like these so much, I'm not sure I can part with them! 

I learned something from my first 2 cards -- if the background is very colorful, then black and white images work best in the foreground. I flipped this for these next cards. I painted the backgrounds 3 shades of grey (not 50!) Then I used color in the foreground.

Collage postcards 3 and 4
I like the double meaning of "on pins & needles" -- sewing and waiting. The lady in green might be waiting for a dozen roses -- or a nice new dress!

Collage postcards 3 and 4
I can't deny the vaguely Freudian undercurrents in this one. I love the headline from the classified ad: "Listen, you!" I found the newspaper in an old pattern I bought at the thrift store. It was a nice surprise. 


  1. I think it's a good thing to create things that you love and think you might not be able to part with... then you know you put your full in. Happy Easter!


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