Kindle Cover for Dad -- Plaid, Of Course!

When my parents came to visit at Thanksgiving, they brought along their brand-new Kindle Fire. Eager to see it, I was surprised to see my mom pull it out of her purse without any protection -- no cover, sleeve, pouch, bag.
I've made upcycled bags for iPads and iPhones out of all kinds of things, but I'd never made a Kindle cover. I wanted something that would match my dad's style, so I searched my local thrift store for the perfect plaid shirt. 

I found a cheerful yet manly J. Crew long-sleeved shirt.
Not only was the plaid a classic, but the fabric was heavy, and the way the patterns met up at the seams told me the shirt was well-made. What made it a perfect candidate for upcycling was the bleach stains on the front, which would probably put off most potential buyers.

To make the most of the shirt, I decided to start with the sleeves, saving the rest for other projects. Here's what it looked like after I finished amputating:

Cover version 1.0

I looked up the device's dimensions on the Amazon website. (I started making the pattern after my parents left for home, so I couldn't measure the Kindle itself.) Then, based on the patterns I've used for the iPad and iPhone bags, I designed my own pattern.

My first attempt came out ok (see photo). But the strap seemed like overkill. Plus, I worried that the buckle would be hard to open.

Cover version 1.5
Here's my next attempt. I used velcro to secure the flap; the button (taken from the shirt) is just for show. This version is easier to open and close, but it looks a little sad. Maybe a bigger flap and an external pocket (denim?) would help.
I mailed this version to my dad to try out. Once I get his feedback, I'll try again. When I come up with the perfect upcycled Kindle Fire cover, I'll post the pattern and instructions here.