One woman's de-stash is another's woman's treasure

One of the terms I had to learn when I entered the crafty world of Etsy was "destash" (or "de-stash"). At first, I thought it was a typo. Maybe they meant "detach" or "moustache" or "dash." Then I figured out it was what crafters who had way too much stuff did on a regular basis to make room for new stuff. You "destash" fabric or Scrabble tiles or jewelry findings or buttons or anything you can't use. 

Happily, I was recently the beneficiary of my cousin Cindie's fabric "destash." Last month, she sent me a box full of Scrabble tiles. This month, it was a mountain of new fabric. 
What a variety of patterns -- monkeys and fish, happy pirate skulls, and lots and lots of cows. I forgot how much my cousin likes cows.

My mom, a quilter, contributed to my new stash as well. She gave me the cupcakes and kitty plaids in the first photo above. There are so many different colors and patterns I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I also appreciate these contributions from two other creative women in my family. Every time I use some of their fabric, I feel like we're working together, just a little bit.

Here's the first creation from these family "de-stashes." The striped material in the iPad bag below came from my cousin.
I plan to use the material in the background for another bag, this one with a Western theme. (Maybe I'll make room for that steer above, as well.)