What's that on my clothesline?

Spring finally arrived in the Northwest yesterday, which means the constant grey-blue haze lifts and the temperature finally inches above 60 degrees. People around here go a little crazy, trying to soak up the rays and beat their gardens back into line after months of rainy weather.

My first act was not to mow my lawn, weed, or wash my mildew-stained car. Instead, I hung my washing out to dry. 

As you can see, this load of wash is a bit ... unusual. I washed and hung out 4 empty bags of  "Fresh Step" cat litter, and 2 bags of Feline Pine. My neighbors were mystified (luckily this is my BACK yard). I was washing the bags in preparation for a future upcycling project -- turning these litter bags into reusable shopping bags. 

I think this counts as true upcycling. The bags would end up in the garbage if I didn't give them another life. And washing them is probably the hardest part. In the next few weeks, I'll construct some bags and share the simple instructions so you, too, can create litter bag bags. 

If you want to see lots of other great bags made from feed sacks, dog and cat food bags, bird seed bags and more, check out FrankCluck's shop on Etsy!

Here's Mips, my Fresh Step customer. She's happy her litter bags are being put to good use!