Cats can upcycle too: Ghostly Halloween decorations

As the caretaker of 3 black cats, I'm a big fan of Halloween. Not the cats, of course. All that doorbell-ringing and high-pitched shrieks send them flying under the sofa. 

But this year, they've contributed something to my Halloween decor -- upcycled ghosts!

Upcycled from what you might ask? Kitty litter bags, of course. After washing them, I turned each bag inside out and put 2 bags together with the right sides back to back. Then I traced a simple ghostly shape on the top one and cut out both bags.
With the right sides still together, I stapled around all the edges except the bottom. (My husband did made his ghost by stapling on the wrong side and then turning the ghost right side out.) Then I painted eyes and mouth using black acrylic paint. Voila,a ghost is born!

To get him to stand upright, I inserted a tomato cage (the conical kind) inside my ghost (sorry, sir). Then I planted the bottom of the cage on the ground and secured it using large metal staples, the kind you use to keep weed barrier in place.
Rather spooky, no?