Frosty the Sofa: Land of the Free [Stuff], part 2

In my neighborhood, the Free Stuff season is typically over by mid-October. Couches, filing cabinets and entertainment systems no longer sprout up on driveways or abandoned lots with a hand-written sign announcing the treasure is FREE to all takers. (I picked up a vintage shelf this past summer, which I upcycled and described here.)

But this week, on an early morning walk, I saw this:

The white powder on the back and arm rests is frost. The cushions are artistically arranged and also edged in white. I couldn't resist taking a photo. I'd driven by the sofa days earlier. It was sitting in the same spot, getting drenched by rain.

I assume that whoever dragged the sofa to this empty lot just didn't want to take it all the way to the dump. They couldn't have believed anyone would want it, especially saturated with rainwater. Unknowingly, they transformed the lot into an art installation. I wonder how long it will remain?


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