Wha'sssup? Hoodie Hood to eReader Sleeve

I'm always looking for fun prints to use in my tablet and eReader bags and cases. On a recent tour through my local thrift shop, I spotted this fun hoodie in the boys' aisle. It's covered with small black doodles, just the kind someone might draw sitting in health class, bored and waiting for lunch.

The entire jacket was covered in the small doodles. The hood itself looked big enough to make a Kindle-sized bag. Plus, it was already lined with red fabric.
boys hoodie
I've made my own pattern for the bags -- and it just barely fit on the hood. 
Bag pattern
After cutting it out, I separated the lining from the hood. I needed to make 2 bags, with the lining bag fitting inside the hoodie bag, wrong sides together.

To make the bag tougher, I tried an experiment. I added iron-on vinyl (made for fabric) to the outside, before I started sewing. I like the stiffness and shine it adds, but I miss the soft texture. (If you use this vinyl, the resulting bag needs to be hand washed and line-dried.)
Iron-on vinyl
I wanted to create a closure at the top that fit the "hoodie" theme. Also, I was hoping to avoid a zipper, which is just asking for trouble. I removed the black stretch knit from the bottom of the jacket and attached it to the top of the bag. It looks like a fat sleeve. Which is what it is, actually.
Finished Kindle bag
To see if I'd achieved the masculine vibe I was going for, I asked husband Brandon what he thought of the bag. He gave it a thumbs up but wants me to add a wide strip of velcro, to secure the top. Hmmmm. We'll see.