Holiday posts redux -- garlands, gift boxes and more

Last year, I posted several different ideas for holiday upcycling. This year, I'm happy to say that I'm too busy filling orders. In any case, here's a reprise of these posts. (Does it count as recycling?) Have a happy (and low-waste) holiday! Don't forget to save all that packing for future upcycling projects!

Deck the halls with Monopoly houses --- a fun garland made of lots and lots of houses.

Holiday door hanger made from game pieces -- More Monopoly houses, plus dice with letters and strips of sparkly ribbon mean a fun decoration.

Making a gift box out of old album covers  -- So many albums that end up in thrift stores are holiday-themed. I wonder why?

If Santa were an upcycler -- Would the old man approve of re-gifting?

What to do with last year's calendar? -- It's a shame to waste all that beautiful photography and artwork.