Must love dogs -- and these silly dog photos

Pomeranian dog
I'm always looking for old hardback books to turn into cases for Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers. Nancy Drew is the most popular, but after awhile, her perky face on the cover (usually as she hides behind a tree or bush) gets boring. So I love finding an old, kitchy book that I've never heard of.

This week, I found a beauty -- The New Complete Pomeranian, published in 1965. 
Complete Pomeranian book
Almost everything about this book makes me giggle, including the author's name. It could be a cheer -- "Viva Ricketts!!" Perhaps this was really a prop (or inspiration) for the satirical film Best in Show?

Now, before I go any further, I want to stress that I LOVE dogs. As proof, here's me at 13 with my dogs Agatha and Snoopy #2:
Me with my childhood dogs
Back to the pomeranians. Before buying the book, I didn't look inside. I inspected the cover, which is usually all I care about. But once I got home and started prepping the book, I discovered the hidden treasures inside. Here's one.
Retro Dog Show photo
This is Tim of Erimus Gold Blackacre, a British fellow. (I'm talking about the dog.) I love this photo for so many reasons -- the trainer's odd expression, the silver teapots next to Tim, and the deadpan look of Tim's owner. Apparently the Best in Show ribbon wasn't enough for her!

Here's another:
Retro Dog Show photo
I could kiss Violet for naming her tiny Pomeranian "Moneybox Tiddlywink." Perhaps in her younger days, she was a Bond girl?

But this may be my favorite:
Retro Dog Show photo
Meet Kavilla's Captivating Star! I'm guessing the decidedly uncaptivating lady with the pursed lips is Mrs. Munz, her owner. The be-hatted judge on the left looks impatient. She's probably thinking, "C'mon, take the photo already. I've got another 100 Pomeranian backends to inspect."

Besides these photos, the book shows how to tell a good Pom from a bad Pom. For instance:
Pomeranian dog judging illustration
Now, I would have given the ribbon to #3, not Mr. Tiny Ears #2. There's something a little Andy Warhol in this image, I think.

I can't decide how to use these priceless illustrations. I could turn them into notecards, but I hate to give them up. I could use the scans instead, but that would be breaking one of my cardinal rules -- don't tempt the intellectual property police (also, I don't want to steal other people's work). 

I often face this issue in the repurposed work I sell on Etsy. I figure as long as I use the original piece and not a copy, I should be in the right. (However, Fox Pictures did demand I stop selling blank books made from old VHS boxes of their movies. Meanies!) It's tricky.

I'll let you know what I decide to do with the illustrations. In the meantime, here's one last illustration. As Jim Morrison would say, "This is the end, my friend."
Pomeranian dog judging illustration
Wouldn't it make a great postcard?


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