5 recycled covers for blank books

Materials for making blank books
I love books. I love reading them, collecting them, tearing them apart, putting them back together. (Some day I even hope to write one.) 

I love browsing library and book store shelves. The books don't even have to have words in them. I love leafing through blank journals, day planners, sketchbooks. 

That's probably why I'm always on the lookout for potential book covers. Here are a few I've used.

1) Game boards. They're colorful, strong, and playful.
Turning a game board into a blank book
Not for dieters!
2) Boxes from old video tapes. Thrift shops are full of these. I have to admit, it feels weird to use the box and discard the tape itself.
Turning a video box into a blank book
Pretty in pink, don't you think?
3) Album covers. Great art -- especially albums from the 50s and 60s -- and plentiful.
Turning an album cover into a blank book
And this is BEFORE Photoshop!
4) Kids board books. A different kind of art, but just as eye-catching.
Turning a kids board book into a blank book
Up, up and away!
5) Hardback books. I'm still figuring out the best way to do this. The thick covers can be challenging to work with.
Turning an old hardback into a blank book
Bigger than an iPhone and a bit slower.
In future posts, I'll describe how I make these different kinds of books.

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