Am I odd enough for OddMall?

OddMall Seattle
Next month I'll have a booth at OddMall. It's a new-to-Seattle fair that bills itself as "Emporium of the Weird." I had the honor of being the very first vendor accepted (I applied really early). But after seeing the list of other vendors and photos of their work, I'm worried.

I don't know if I'm odd enough for OddMall.

In all my previous shows, my booth has stood out as a little...unusual. My earrings are made out of monopoly houses, not Swarovski crystals. Instead of soothing images of the ocean or wildflowers, my customers see the Terminator glaring at them. So I assumed I'd fit right in at Oddmall.
Monopoly earrings
Aren't hotels more valuable than crystals?
Then I looked at the vendor list. Wow. Lots of steampunk, goth, anime, and sci-fi fan merchandise. And black. Lots of black. My brightly colored retro stuff will stand out like a rainbow in a Twilight movie.

My first reaction was to ransack my stash, looking for anything black. All I found was a leg from a pair of black jeans and half of a game board from a strange space travel board game.  Few things in my Etsy Shop are black. There's this cool iPad sleeve that I made out of boys swim trunks.
Skull-themed iPad sleeve
Ho ho ho and a bottle of iPad
So my next thought was, "quick, run out to every thrift store in a 10-mile radius and grab all the spooky black stuff you can find." 

But then my wise husband reminded me what my brand is about -- "cool upcycled stuff with a retro vibe." I'm not a steampunk artist, as much as I'd aspire to be one. I love Star Trek (the original series, of course) but I wouldn't fit in at Comicon. I need to stick with what I do and let the chips fall where they may. Right?

Artists, do you ever change what you make just to fit in at a show?
Visit me @ OddMall in the Lynnwood Convention Center, Sunday, 9-22


  1. I think your items will fit in perfectly - being colorful they'll stand out against the black.

    No, I've never changed what I do to fit in at an event. I may concentrate on different items that I already have but I won't make things to fit in. You need to do what you enjoy.

  2. Since when was the point of doing what you do "to fit in"? In the spirit of oddness and weirdness, bright colours- and something a little different from the sea of black- seems a little too perfectly "odd".

    Oddmall will actually be my first art show, and the only thing I'm changing is that tendency of mine to hide both myself and the things I make from Other Humans.

  3. You can enjoy a wide variety of themes and subjects and still have your own unique style of items that you create. That's part of what makes the artistic community so wonderful - the variety!

    I will sometimes make adjustments on my items depending on the show I'm at, but never completely. In the ends (as Cindie said) it's all about doing what you enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the good advice. I will definitely keep it in mind. And I'm making what I'd normally make, just more of it, in anticipation for the show. Echo, I hope I get to meet you at Oddmall. But I warn you, I'm one of those Humans.


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