More bracelets made of blue jean seams

Here's a quick update to a previous post about how to repurpose the inseams on old blue jeans. I think I found the style that screams "Claudia." 

No, this isn't it. This is one that took lots of work but is a little too flirty for me.
bracelet made from blue jean inseams
I sewed red and silver seed beads to the top of the thin denim strip. Then I created 17 short dangles and sewed them to the strip's lower edge. It reminds me of a 20s flapper dress. But I worry that the dangles will get tangled in my shirt or whatever I happen to walk by.
bracelet made from blue jean inseams
Here's the bracelet I like best.
bracelet made from blue jean inseams
It loops around my wrist twice. To get a strip long enough, I used the seam from the back of the jeans, where the fabric below the waistband meets the top of the legs. I added small rivets and a black snap.
bracelet made from blue jean inseams
It's simple with a touch of punk. Just like me!

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  1. Looks great and the perfect thing to use those jeans seams for.

  2. Adina left a comment and I accidentally deleted it. Sorry, Adina. Here's your comment. And I love YOUR bracelets, too:

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