Handmade postcards from around the world (part 1)

Last week I sent off my 10 postcards as part of iHanna's 2013 Postcard Swap. This week, I began receiving cards from artists around the country (and globe). I ran to my mailbox each day in the hopes of finding a small piece of art.

Here are the first 5 to arrive. 

iHanna postcard swap 2013
From Charlotta in Sweden

iHanna postcard swap 2013
A wise reminder from Emma
iHanna postcard swap 2013
Fun stamps and  bright colors from Gwen in Seattle. I love "when in doubt,
mumble" (the stamp in the lower right).
Linda sent me my own flying carpet! 
iHanna postcard swap 2013
Vivacious doodles from Nettie in Decatur, Illinois.


  1. the variety of styles is great isn't it!

  2. Oh how fun, some of these I haven't seen! Maybe I should make it compulsory to send me one too! :-)

    1. That's a great idea -- or at least give folks the option to send you one. I sure would have. Next time.


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