Postcards from around the world (part 2)

I now have a full 10-card set from my first postcard swap. Here are the last 5 to arrive. (You can see the first set here, and the ones I made here.)

Postcard Swap
Circus fun from Brenda
Postcard Swap
Fall greetings from Susan in California
Postcard Swap
Goofy goat from Tracey in Denver

Postcard Swap
Wind, Sea, Earth and Sky from Kim in California
Postcard Swap
Victoriana from Katie


  1. It's like THE best news every time someone writes: I now have all ten! Yay! Ten, and some pretty fun ones too! :-)

    1. Yes, I was so happy to get that last one. Otherwise, I'd be waiting at my mailbox FOREVER!


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