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inspiring women
Yesterday I had coffee with a good friend looking for a little creative inspiration. Not necessarily from me! I asked if she followed any other artists's blogs. I do, and reading their posts often gives me ideas for my own creations. Or makes me feel better about being stuck. I feel lucky to have found such talented and generous virtual mentors.

Here's the list I shared with my friend. 

Four Corners Design blog
Four Corners Design (  -- A few months ago I took a fun workshop led by Seattle mixed-media artist Amy Duncan about upcycled journals. Her blog posts usually feature one or more gorgeous photos and lots of creative wisdom. She often uses found objects in her work and is one of the authors of The Salvage Studio book.

iHanna blog
iHanna ( Hanna is a prolific artist and writer from Sweden.  Last year she vowed to make 7 collages a week for 52 weeks and she did it! She also organized the postcard swap that I participated in. She writes about mixed media, embroidery, photography, art journaling and so much more. Hanna's posts are always practical and inspiring, and her personality shines through each one.

Dispatch from LA blog
Dispatch from LA
( -- 
Of all the bloggers I follow, Mary Ann Moss is the one I'd most like to spend the day with. She paints, draws, photographs, travels, teaches and writes about it all with insight and humor. Plus, she has a cat posse!

Julie Balzer Designs blog
Balzer Designs ( -- Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is a mixed-media artist and teacher based in NYC. In her blog, she shares her wide-ranging expertise and own artistic journey. She writes about painting, stenciling, collaging, stamping, and anything that takes her fancy. I'm working through her new book about carving stamps (Carve, Stamp, Play).

Jane Davies blog
Collage Journeys ( I love Jane Davies' work. Her abstract paintings and collages are mysterious and beautiful. She offers classes online and around the country where she shares her "playful approach to creating." The free tutorials on her website are incredibly helpful. (Yes, I am angling for a place in one of her workshops ; >

What blogs do you follow for inspiration and assistance?


  1. Claudia - I'm a bit behind in my blog reading...and I just came upon this post of yours - thanks so much for the kind mention - I'm touched! You've mentioned a few blogs that I'm going to have to visit myself - thanks!

  2. I can tell you put a great deal of thought into each of your posts, Amy. The images and text always inspire me.

  3. Awww, thank you Claudia! I'm in good company with these awesome bloggers and you here!


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