Just say "yes" -- to a new Scrabble tile creation

lanyard made with Scrabble tilesI'm a "yes" woman. Not a kiss-up, sycophantic, emperor-IS-SO-wearing-clothes  type of "yes woman." No, I'm the kind who, when asked for a favor or offered a job, says "yes" first and considers the consequences later.

Sometimes this is a good thing. It leads to adventures and opportunities I would have otherwise shunned. Like moving to Philadelphia (maybe not a great example) or traveling to Italy with a mob of Franciscans (that's another story). 

In my Etsy shop, customers ask me to make all kinds of things. Usually I say "yes." And sometimes regret it. But a few weeks ago, I said yes to the right request.

I thought I'd made everything you can make out of Scrabble tiles. Then I got an email from Sharon, who wanted a lanyard with her friend's name running down one side. "Yes" I wrote, without knowing how I'd construct it.

It wasn't hard to figure out, especially since she gave me sample photos to work from. The first challenge was drilling holes in the tiles vertically (instead of horizontally, which I do for bracelets). The key was marking the exact midpoint in each tile. No eyeballing this one.
lanyard made with Scrabble tiles
The second challenge was attaching the dangly part at the end.
lanyard made with Scrabble tiles

lanyard made with Scrabble tiles
Choosing the beads and trying out different patterns was the most fun. I hope Sharon likes what I came up with. 
lanyard made with Scrabble tiles
I may even add custom lanyards to my Etsy store. Definitely, the right "yes."


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