Playing with Gelli

I fancy myself a trendspotter, noticing soon-to-be-popular things before they take off. I started carrying re-usable grocery bags way before it was fashionable (and in some places, the law), for example. 

So I always have my antennae tuned for new trends. And I think I've found one -- monoprinting with Gelli plates.

Ok, maybe I'm a little behind the curve on this one. Lately, every other blogger I follow is gushing about this new product. Julie Balzer has a good introduction here, and she also offers an online class. The manufacturer provides useful tutorials on YouTube.

After watching a few videos, I couldn't resist. I had to get my own Gelli plate. Here are the results of my first session. Monoprinting is different from painting -- I have to learn to think in layers. It's very very fun!
My first prints with a Gelli plate
I tried everything on this one -- stencils, textures, painting, even my hand. 
My first prints with a Gelli plate
Looks like a snake slithered across this one. 
My first prints with a Gelli plate
My favorite so far. I love the strong colors and torn paper edges.
My first prints with a Gelli plate
This one has an Asian vibe. 
My first prints with a Gelli plate
Blair Witch all the way!
So have you tried playing with Gelli plates? What do you think?


  1. I haven't played with the gelli plates but have done the process using gelatin - saw is in a magazine a few years ago - maybe Quilting Arts? can't remember. Very fun!

  2. Gelli plates is a completely new concept to me. I'll have to check out the tutorial, but I love how yours all turned out!

    1. Thanks, Amy. But be careful -- it's addictive!


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