More Gelli and Googie -- an eye-catching design

Here's a second set of stencils I made for mono printing, inspired by 1950's Googie design. These were based on this ceramic plate.

Googie eyeball design
When I sketched the design, I altered some of the details to make it look more like an eye, and less like a…uh, well, I'll leave that to your imagination.
Googie eyeball design
The eye shape was popular in mid-century design. One famous example is a clock that looks like an abstract eye

I made two stencils, one for the eye and one for the lines surrounding it.
Stencil for Gelli plate printing

Stencil for Gelli plate printing
Here's the final print.
Gelli Print made with retro stencil
One more, this time without the rays. I also tried adding some texture to the eye, to make it less blocky.
Gelli Print made with retro stencil
I like this one better. It feels happier, less Big Brother-ish. I'm considering re-doing the stencil to make it more symmetrical, less hand-drawn. What do you think?


  1. Hi! I like the stencil pairing just as it is. I think the hand drawn look is what adds to the organic/authentic feeling of the piece. I love how you transform your inspiration into reality! Fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Tricia. I kind of like the hand-drawn look myself, too.


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