Blinded me with science: Another Gelli print collage

I have issues with science. Ever since my high school chemistry class, when I submitted an unsolicited essay to my bewildered teacher entitled "Why I Don't Believe in Molecules." 

My best friend and lab partner didn't help. Daughter of a physicist, she kept telling me things I didn't want to hear. Like, if you took away all the empty space between molecules [she was a believer], the world and everything in it would be the size of of a golf ball.

I blame such experiences for surreal collages like this one.

My husband calls it "macabre." That's just because of the puppet skeleton in the middle. He was a late addition.

I started with a Gelli plate print (green circles on gold background). Then I tried out my new stamps on the circles. Suddenly I was looking through a microscope. Which always creeps me out (luckily I never took biology). The scientists came next (I have an envelope full of them -- and I'm always looking for more).

Once I found the puppet (an anatomical drawing from the Renaissance), I knew I wanted to try some sewing. The stitching through the eyeball is a nod to The Andalusian Dog, another early influence.

To frame the collage, I searched for formulas, but all I could find is a long list of division problems from an old math textbook. The text -- "the greater good" -- is probably overkill, but I couldn't resist.

Hope it doesn't give you nightmares. 


  1. Totally creepy, but I love it--especially the puppet skelly! In general I distrust science. medicine, & people in white coats.

    1. "skelly" makes him sound less creepy, somehow.

  2. Claudia, You truly are awesome with your collages!! I am in awe!! Bravo!! And I love your blog and now am an avid follower! ")

  3. I see what you mean about the Gelli plate, great work ! Very good dots !


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