Raining caterpillars and hopping blogs

I spent the weekend with 100 Brownies and 1 million tent caterpillars. Seriously. It was some kind of year-of-the-locust plague. 

Lake at Camp Killoqua
Deceptively bucolic…just don't sit on the grass…or the dock…or the sand
I was hoping to help out in the craft room, but instead I was assigned to archery. Luckily, the girls were shooting sponge-tipped arrows. And they had good aim. (The bows were made out of repurposed PVC pipes.)
Archery at camp
Ready, aim, caterpillar!
The sun-drenched archery field was ringed with trees covered with caterpillar nests, or "tents." The caterpillars fell from their nests onto the grass. You could hear them hitting the ground. Or feel them landing on your head.
Tent caterpillars
Hanging out at home
Tent caterpillars
Caterpillars, come on down!
Tent caterpillars
Let us show you to your table...
One caterpillar is cute. Two are interesting. Hundreds are creepy. Hundreds of thousands are horrifying. I channeled my feelings into art. Pipe-cleaner art.
pipe cleaner art
Take that, caterpillars!

Blog hop

Why not hop on over to the blogs next in line for the "Around the world" blog hop I wrote about last week? Each of these artists has her own unique approaching to creating.


  1. OMG. That's insane. Bugs don't usually bother me, but that would have freaked the shit out of me. You're a trooper!

    1. At the beginning of the weekend, we were all being careful not to step on them. By Sunday, the girls were flinging them off the balcony. (But if they could survive a fall from a tree, they surely survived the balcony dive.)

  2. Yes, all those caterpillars are creepy! So do you know anything about archery???
    Can't wait to check out the other bloggers in the blog hop and then jump off from their blogs to others next Monday - very fun!

    1. I know more than I did last week, that's for sure! I was just helping out our troop leader who is a real pro. I'm still not sure how to tell which is my "dominant" eye.


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