Stamp nirvana at the Artist Garage Sale

Stamp I found at Artist Garage SaleI owe it all to Amy Duncan. She posted the announcement on her blog

"The Artist Garage Sale: This annual event rounds up a very of artists who are cleaning out their studios…from supplies and tools to original art. Everything is priced to go." 

So yesterday morning, my husband and I headed north to Everett to see what we could find. We found plenty!

Since it was our first time (and because we're not really morning people), we didn't rush to arrive right when the sale opened at 9 am. We sauntered in a few hours later. When I saw the crowd, I worried that we'd made a huge mistake. What had we missed? Were others grabbing the one-of-a-kind supplies meant for me?

Luckily, there was plenty to go around. We toured the tents along the street first, then wandered into the Schack Art Center. 

I went looking for supplies, but a few pieces of art caught my eye.
An upcycling artist (alas, without business cards) sold me the coaster made out of an old Viewmaster slide and the flip-top earrings. The postcard is from Amy herself (she even recognized me). Shannon Tipple-Leen sold me one of her punk-ish zipper bracelets. 

I enjoyed seeing all the art. But as I walked up and down the street, I wondered, Where were all the supplies? The ones, "priced to go," that Amy had promised? I had almost given up hope when, suddenly, I saw it. A tent full of stamps. Bins and bins and bins of stamps. And priced not just to "go," but to jump off the shelves and sprint down the street.

Here's my haul.
Stamps I found at Artist Garage Sale
Almost all are backgrounds. I plan to use them for Gelli plate printing and collage. It's hard to choose a favorite, but that Googie-boomerang design really floats my boat.

As soon as I got home, I had to play with my goodies. 
Stamps I found at Artist Garage Sale

Stamps I found at Artist Garage Sale

Stamps I found at Artist Garage Sale
My husband scored a bunch of metal blanks, a soldering iron (wait, don't we already have one or two of those?), and 2 plexiglass sheets. 

To celebrate, we had lunch at Anthony's Home Port. Our table on the patio looked out at the marina. The cherry on top? Strawberry shortcake, of course.

Thank you, Amy!