A few of my favorite June ICADs

ICAD 2014 cardsI just finished my first month of ICAD -- no, it's not a brand of CrossFit or summer programming camp. It stands for "Index Card of the Day." Every day there's a prompt (like "orange" or "Star Wars") and each week has a theme, usually a technique or material. 

It's fun having a daily creative challenge, small enough to be doable and broad enough to make my own. I've started to notice trends in my cards. There's usually humor and sometimes an edge. My husband says I don't like to be literal (true). I also appear to favor a portrait orientation, not landscape (probably years of reminding myself to turn my camera sideways). Finally, I'm guilty of puns.

Here are my favorites from the past month. You can see all the cards in my Flickr album here.
ICAD 2014 cards
June 10 -- "The Beatles" 
ICAD 2014 cards
Jun 11 -- "Toy Camera"
ICAD 2014 cards
Jun 19 -- "Harry Potter"
Jun 23 -- "Star Wars"

Jun 25 -- "Maple Leaf"

ICAD 2014 cards
Jun 28 -- "Robot"

ICAD 2014 cards
Jun 29 -- "California"


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