Contemporary art in the Windy City

mobile by Alexander Calder
Last week I visited a good friend who lives outside Chicago.  I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and got to see works by two of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman

Here are highlights of my visit.

Photo by Cindy Sherman, on exhibit at MOCA
Cindy Sherman's piece was larger than I expected -- larger than life, in fact. (I didn't notice the reflection when I took the photo, but I like the effect. Hope Cindy doesn't mind.)
Painting by Frida Kahlo, on exhibit at MOCA
I could feel the sadness in this painting ("Tree of Hope"), and the pain, both physical and emotional. 

This collage is by Brazilian artist Beatriz Mihazes. It's made with candy wrappers (sound familiar?)
Collage by Beatriz Mihazes
Wagechi Mutu's collage is more surreal and disturbing. According to the museum's description, Mutu uses images from fashion magazines, National Geographics and motorcycle magazines to "create a robot-like body made up of mismatched limbs and symbols of luxury and consumerism." 
Collage by Wagechi Mutu
The museum owns a collection of works by Alexander Calder, most famous for his abstract mobiles. I discovered he was also an early upcycler. This sculpture is made from old tin cans.
sculpture by Alexander Calder
And I love the simplicity of the face below, made of trash -- broken drinking glasses, a car tail light, and a wire clothes hanger.
sculpture by Alexander Calder
I'll definitely return to MOCA the next time I'm in town.