Another accordion book -- more colorful, more bizarre

mini collages in Gelli print book
I'm happy with the way my first accordion book turned out, so I decided to make more, this time using Gelli prints as the background. 

I grabbed a stack of old manilla folders and started printing. It works best, I discovered, to cut the file folders into thirds before I print them. That way, I can extend the print all the way to the edges.

I hung the prints to dry outside on my back deck.
Gelli printed manilla folders
I love these vibrant colors. But for my first Gelli-mini-book, I chose a more subdued background. I wanted to save the more colorful backgrounds until I'd gotten a little more practice.

Here's the first side. (Sorry about the infinite looping -- Blogger was fussy this morning.)
mini collages in Gelli print book
What bizarre images, right? They came from an old elementary school science textbook and out-dated National Geographic magazines. Put them together, and this is what you come up with. Well, what I come up with. Have I gone too far?
mini collage in Gelli print book
Side 2:

mini collages in Gelli print book
What the heck is going on in my subconscious? For the collage below, I chose this girl and added the caption first; later, the snake magically appeared.
mini collage in Gelli print book
I incorporated the flaps at each end of the strips into the images they folded over, like this:
mini collags in Gelli print book
To hold the book, I created a pocket envelope using a Nat Geo page and some washi tape.
Envelope to hold my accordion book


  1. Wonderful collages, I love the accordion idea as well. Great project Claudia!

  2. Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing ��

  3. Love your gelli prints! Isn't that so much fun! And what a cute book too! You are very creative!


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