Trick or treat or…de-stash?

Upcycled Halloween Treats
I'm always on the lookout for ways to lighten my stash. How many playing cards and game pieces can one person upcycle? Halloween presents a perfect de-stashing opportunity. Wouldn't little monsters and princesses love to get a bag of fun, non-edible treats?

Only if they also get candy, or so my husband says. So this year, I created treat "envelopes" and put fun items inside.

Here's the envelope, made out of orange and yellow card stock folded in half. I found a black cat image online and carved my own stamp based on it. Washi tape keeps the envelope closed.

So what's inside? 
  • Stickers that I made out of dog playing cards and two paper punches.

upcycled stickers

  • An animal card with a drawing on one side and fun facts on the other.

Animal card

Plastic dino toy
  • A silly straw. Of course!
Silly Straw
  • A painted wooden flower with a foam pumpkin glued on top.
Upcycled Halloween Treats

Items that I considered but ultimately rejected included dice and marbles (choking hazard), army men (inappropriate), and flags on pointy sticks (poking danger).

Originally, I planned on making the treat bag out of recycled envelopes. I printed colored designs on a bunch and added the cat stamp. But I wasn't happy with the result -- the paint wasn't opaque enough to cover the original text, and the stamp image got lost in the textured print. So I scrapped most of them. A Gelli plate fail, my first.

See what I mean?
Gelli plate fail


  1. Very cool! Are you making some for all the trick or treaters that come to your door?

  2. I love that you are doing this! a little creativity with the sugar - perfect!


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