Color bind: Monochromatic postcards to swap

I just sent off these 4 postcards as part of the monochromatic swap on Mail Me Some Art. Each card is limited to shades of a single hue and must include at least 3 different media.

I call this one "Blue Life." Media: collaged paper, colored pencil, and ribbon.
collaged postcard for MMSA Swap
 Here's "Broccoli Toad." Media: monoprint (the strips of paper in the background), collaged paper, and ribbon.
collaged postcard for MMSA Swap
 "Red Corpuscles." Media: paint, collaged paper, stamp. (Do wrinkles count as a medium???)
collaged postcard for MMSA Swap
 "Butterfly Shark." Media: paint, collaged paper, embroidery thread.
collaged postcard for MMSA Swap
It seems counterintuitive, but having constraints like these makes creating art more fun and less stressful -- for me, anyhow.


  1. I completely need constraints--otherwise I don't make anything.
    Love "Blue Life" especially.

    1. The trick is finding the constraints that will spark the muse and lead to something interesting...

  2. These are awesome Claudia. You should be getting my journal for the Round Robin any day now, and my theme is monochromatic. After seeing these I'm really excited to see what you come up with. (((HUGS)))


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