Old school bookmarks

book marks made of old yearbook photos
Every few months, I donate one of my upcycled book tablet cases to "Book'd in Burbank," a booklovers' event in L.A. I send along a giveaway to advertise my cases, usually bookmarks (which is ironic, since you can't use paper bookmarks with e-readers).

For past events, I've made bookmarks out of Monopoly money and paint chips. This time around, I turned to my two latest obsessions -- vintage yearbooks and security envelopes.
book marks made of old yearbook photos

book marks made of old yearbook photos
I came up with a new tag line, too -- High tech goes old school in a tablet case made from a vintage book. I used it on the back of new business cards I sent along with the bookmarks.
my new business card
No wonder the 1970s are known as the era of the curling iron!

As I was cutting strips from the yearbook pages, I looked at smiling faces of the young students, wondering how their lives had turned out. Then I noticed some oddities. Can you spot them below? 
book marks made of old yearbook photos
College hi-jinks, I guess.


  1. Love the bookmarks~too funny on the dog and back of head......

    1. I'm guessing the dog might have been a sorority mascot, but the back of the head???? Maybe she was having a bad face day ; >

  2. great ideas ! the old photos are wonderful !


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