Facing my ancestors in art journal spread

I finished my first spread in another artist's journal (part of my first "Round Robin" exchange). I'm about a month late and feeling sheepish. The theme (which I didn't realize at first) is "Faces." 

my spread for Round Robin art journal
I scanned my parents' high school senior photos, cut them apart and mixed them up. (Dad, if you're reading this, hope you don't mind.) The face on the left looks more like me, I think -- my mom's forehead and nose, my dad's eyes and chin cleft. The face on the right is the sibling I never had, maybe, or what I look like in an alternative universe.

The owner of this journal asked for a quote as well. I Googled "parents" and found this one, by Shirley Abbott:
"Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies."
I chose this quote because (1) I had already put spirals on the background and thought it was a sign, and (2) I've been feeling my mom "in my bones" lately. I think she would like that (but not my putting her photo -- even sliced up -- on the Internet; she was very photogenic but camera-shy).


  1. Wonderful spread - love the concept and the acceptance of genetics! :D

  2. Oh too funny! I've never seen a picture of your Mom that young, just the wedding pic but I have seen many of your Dad.

    1. One of my favorite photos of my mom is when she was high school age, holding her beloved dog Penny. I keep meaning to make a photo book out of all my photos of her. Someday!

  3. I love the way you split the faces, and I didn't even realize you had swapped parts...genius!


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