It's a dog's life…collages that go woof

My friends call me a crazy cat lady (hey, I only have 3!) But this August I got to spend time with a very special dog -- Breezy, the Australian Cattle Dog! 

She traveled all the way to Seattle from New York, along with her minder, my good friend Eriko. Eriko and Breezy hiked all over Western Washington. I joined them on a few easy hikes. 

Here we are at a spot off the North Cascades Highway, about an hour north of Seattle.
As we walked along the trail, I noticed that Breezy hopped on top of every big rock or fallen tree trunk she found. Every single one. Why? Was she keeping watch for bears or other dangers? Pretending she was back in her ancestral home of Australia?
Nope. She was posing for a photo! After she heard the "click" of the shutter, she waited for her reward -- a tasty treat hidden in Eriko's fanny pack. I started saying "Where's my treat?" every time Breezy jumped up for her photo moment.

After they went home to New York, I missed our hikes. So I made this collage as an homage to Breezy.
I've made lots of similar collages with cats, but this is my first piece with dogs. I had so much fun that I did another.
I just hope my cats don't find out!


  1. Oh what fun!! you cwazy cat lady!! Such a great trick Breezy has down- love his short little body!!
    My son and dil live in Washington now- wondering how close to you they are? Mill Creek?
    Happy Monday! Jackie

    1. I'm just a few miles south of Mill Creek -- not far at all!


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