Painting with a friend -- how sweet it is!

Two chefs

My BFF Sarah and I have a lot in common. We like to make art, we like to bake, and we especially like dessert!

We've been baking and creating art together for many years. Even before she could read recipes, Sarah planted herself on a stool in my kitchen and wanted to make something. Anything. As long as it included chocolate.
Making cupcakes
So I wasn't surprised when she shared her latest creative inspiration. She wanted to a series of paintings celebrating her favorite desserts. Why? "Because they are delicious and look cool." Of course. Also, they match the theme of her newly decorated room -- Paris! At least, her purple French macaroon does.
Painting of French macaroon
Sarah sketched the macaroon on paper. I scanned it, printed out a larger version and traced it onto a square canvas. Then Sarah took over! We painted outside on my deck, with one of my cats observing.

Young artist at work
Sarah chose a zebra stripe background, which I filled in. In addition to the macaroon, she painted:

A frosted donut with sprinkles
Painting of donut

A pink and white cupcake, complete with cherry on top.
 Painting of cupcake

A cookie with chocolate frosting and more sprinkles
 Painting of cookie
We've made many cookies and cupcakes in my kitchen over the past 5+ years. Eventually we'll graduate to macaroons. (For donuts, we'll stick to Top Pot.)

Sarah's vision was to hang the four paintings together, like this. 
Dessert paintings
Cool and delicious indeed! I am very proud of my BFF. We're already planning our bakery + art gallery.


  1. What a very cool idea Sarah! And your vision came to life just beautifully!! Please share a photo of your wall once they are hung!
    Thanks so much for sharing Claudia!


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