Put a button on it! Reducing my stash one button at a time

My theme for this year (lifetime?) is DESTASH -- grabbing every opportunity I can to whittle down my many collections of waiting-to-be-upcycled stuff. In a previous post, I described making an entire purse out of fabric scraps

This time, it's buttons! I have jars and jars of old buttons, bequeathed to me by my mother and grandmother. 

I was making bookmarks for an upcoming event, and I decided to embellish each with a dangle at the top. Put a button on it, I thought!
upcycled bookmarks
The button color matches the coupon on the reverse side of each bookmark.
upcycled bookmarks
What are the chances of finding an aqua-colored antique button in my massive stash? Pretty good, actually!

Here's the whole pile. Most are made using images from an old art history textbook. 
upcycled bookmarks
Only about 999 more buttons to go!