An impossible dream and another cleanup collage

Remember that song from the 60s -- "To dream the impossible dream..." My impossible dream is having a clean desk. Like a magnet, the work surface  attracts bits of paper, paint and all sorts of ephemera.

Here's another "cleanup" collage made with whatever I could find. I wish I could say my desk is now clean, but that would be a lie.
clean up collage


  1. Love it, especially the vintage images, and I'm old enough to remember when green stamps were used!

    Oh, and another comment related to your last post, which showed off your cat in the midst of your work table. As I'd said, she doesn't hang out in my studio, but one time got too close to me when I was using a black Sharpie marker - so now she has a permanent black dot on her nose. Thank goodness I wasn't using, say, a pink marker at that time!

    1. Wow, I didn't realize black sharpies were THAT permanent. I'll warn my cat.


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