Dada Garden Man junk mail collage

Dada Garden Man collageHere's a variation on the "cleanup collage" -- the junk mail collage. My mailbox is unwilling host to glossy catalogs, newsletters and brochures, appearing almost every day. 

I recycle them, but it seems a waste of all those full-color images. A few days ago, I started cutting up a 10-page ad (misleadingly called a "magazine") from a nearby landscape nursery. Pretty soon I had the makings of a Dada-inspired collage.

Behold Dada Garden Man!

Dada Garden Man collage
All of the color images come from this single piece of junk mail. The bugs, added at the end, come from an old insect encyclopedia. (My husband says there are too many. I started with 3 and then got carried away.)

Should I send my collage to the nursery, along with a request to stop the junk mail? Maybe they'll like it so much I'll get a free shrub.