Pop go the numbers -- a beginner's accordion book

Popup accordion book
I am enchanted by popup books. Recently I discovered artist Helen Hiebert and her book Playing with Popups. I'm working my way through the book's projects. After learning to make an accordion popup book, I got ambitious and designed my own.

I'm also enchanted by language. I designed my book, Count Me In, around the numbers 1 through 10, in a bunch of different languages. The popups are roman numerals. To write out the numbers, I used stencils and color pencils. Can you identify the different languages?

To figure out how to make the popups work, I created several prototypes. The final book is rough around the edges. The paper is too thick, I butchered some of the cutouts, and I hate the ties on the side. But for a first try, it's not bad. 

Another first -- this is my first attempt to demonstrate one of my creations using video. If YouTube would let me, I'd add this song by Paul Simon as a sound track.

There's a logic behind the colors on each spread. Can you guess what it is?


  1. Ok, I'm stumped on the logic of the colors. At first I was thinking you were going around the color wheel until I saw brown and black.
    Very fun little book.

    1. Does "Roy G. Biv" ring any bells? It's the order of colors in a rainbow (at least according to my 11-year-old science expert). Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet.

    2. No, I never heard of that - guess they missed teaching Roy G Biv in my college color course. I thought of the color wheel/color spectrum but the indigo threw me as it's not a part of the primary and secondary colors on the wheel. Also the brown, etc. Love the book!


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