Making a book full of gods

handmade pocket frame book
I'm working on a series of pop-up collages, and I wanted to find a way to bind them together. I consulted the world's best bookbinding book, Making Handmade Books, and found something called the "pocket frame" book. I decided to try making one. 

It was supposed to be just for practice, something to recycle when I finished. Instead, I got carried away.
See what I mean:

(If the video doesn't work, you can watch it on YouTube here.)

Each page is a frame, which I painted and stenciled. 
handmade pocket frame book
After I picked the book's theme, I copied photos from a book on pre-Columbian art. But later I decided that sketches would work better.
handmade pocket frame book
I gave each god a specific domain. One that starts with the letter D. This woman, for instance, is the God of Demands. (Yes, I probably should have titled her "Goddess," but there wasn't room.)

I wondered what to do with the small rectangles left after I cut out the frame on each page. I created trading cards, each with its own smaller god.
handmade pocket frame book
I'm happy with the result, even if it's only a practice book.