Just 2 collages

2 original collages
At yesterday's collage workshop, we worked on a bunch of different projects. One of my favorites was to take a collage made by another artist, and create a new collaged postcard based on it. Not a copy, but something inspired by the original.

I probably was a bit too literal, but I'm still happy with my two collages. 

In the first one, I borrowed 2 elements from the original collage: cursive writing and a black and white photo of a despondent woman with her hand on her head.
2 original collages

In the second (my favorite), I borrowed the symmetry and vanishing perspective of the original collage, which included an orange slice as a setting sun (mine is a scoop of berry sherbet), two trees, and a highway.
2 original collages


  1. Just the best. I am pleased you enjoyed the activity. :-)


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