Pockets full of collage

pocket postcard collages
Recently, our collage group made pocket postcards. Not postcards that fit in your pocket -- although they might. These are postcards with a pocket.

And what else would we put into the pocket but a collage? A small, round collage.

We used Gelli plates to "paint" both sides of cardboard squares, then stenciled and dripped acrylic ink. To make pockets, we folded up the bottom of the card to make a flap and sewed the flap in place.

The 2 sides of each card were supposed to be different (but complementary). I'm not crazy about the color combination I came up with. Reminds me of a muddy lightening storm.
pocket postcard collages

I liked the first pair of circle collages I made. Weird and funny, like much of my work.

pocket postcard collages

But I didn't like the way they looked in the pockets. They got lost in the purple. So I made 2 more.
pocket postcard collages
I added texture by tearing up the sleeve from my Starbucks cup and dipping it in white paint.

These collages don't get lost in the pockets.
pocket postcard collages


  1. I love that you were able to critique your own work and come up with a solution that you liked. Way to go! :-) Success all around.


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