More layer practice -- start with stripes, end with attitude

Last week I shared a couple of collages, showing how I built up layers using paint, stencils, and cut paper. Here's another spread.

LAYER 1: I started with a layer of green paint. Using painters tape, I added brown vertical stripes and then pasted down thin strips, which I tore from a magazine page.

building collage layers

LAYER 2: To provide contrast, I stenciled orange circles on top of the straight lines.

building collage layers

But the circles got lost against the brown stripes, so I outlined them using a white gel pen.
building collage layers

LAYER 3: I pasted bits of an old map (I think it's Iowa) to add texture.

building collage layers

LAYER 4: I added two faces as focal points, then partially covered them with bits of a sewing pattern on top to soften the sharp edges. Finally, I chose 4 text snippets and seemed to express the defiant attitude of the women. 

building collage layers


  1. Thanks for showing off the step-by-step work you did on this collage - very informative! The finished result is great, and I love the texts you chose.

    1. Thank you, Aimee! I keep a small box of text snippets and look through them every time I make a collage. Makes it easier to find the right words.


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