Orange and black is the newest collage

Last week I shared a couple of collages, showing how I built up layers using paint, stencils, and cut paper. Here's another spread.

LAYER 1: I covered the original background with orange paint. I grabbed a large cardboard circle and slim rectangle and outlined them in black.

Building a collage layer by layer

LAYER 2: I printed letters on tissue paper and pasted them onto the spread.

Building a collage layer by layer

LAYER 3: I brushed pearlescent green paint over the top. Shiny!Building a collage layer by layer

LAYER 4: I added torn tissue paper and illustrations from an old teen book. I thought this would be the last step, but I realized the images were too plain to serve as a focal point. 

Building a collage layer by layer

LAYER 5: I added two photos and some text. Now it's done!

Building a collage layer by layer


  1. I loved showing all the steps you did, layer by layer, especially for the first three layers. Cardboard shape stencils, printing on tissue paper - wow, such great ideas! That's one thing I love about collage - the possibilities are endless, and there's always a way to "fix" a spread to make it even better. Great job here!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Aimee! As my collage instructor says, "if you don't like it, keep going" -- that's one of the things I love about this medium. But sometimes it's hard to cover up a background you love.


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