Thrift store find -- Sears 1966 catalog

Sears catalog 1966Yesterday I visited the Fremont Vintage Mallone of my favorite Seattle second-hand shops. It's filled with mid-century modern treasures. I could've left with half the store, but I settled for one very special item.

Tucked in a corner at the bottom of a dusty shelf, I found a copy of the Sears 1966 catalog. It's more than 4 inches thick, with over 1,500 pages of fashion, homewares, tools and almost everything you could ever want. 
Is that a young Cheryl Tiegs on the cover?

Not only are the products very mid-century, the catalog itself is example of this modern style. 
Sears catalog 1966

Who knew Jackie O shopped at Sears?
Sears catalog 1966

You could wear these today. 
Sears catalog 1966
Alas, the men aren't as lucky.
Sears catalog 1966

I would invite any of these lamps into my living room.(Well, maybe not that colonial one.)
Sears catalog 1966

We had rattan furniture when I was growing up. I wonder if my mother picked it out from a catalog like this one?
Sears catalog 1966

I plan to use these images in my collages. But should I scan the pages and cut up the copies? Probably. (That means I only have about 1573 pages left to scan!)

I'm just thankful that the catalog doesn't smell musty. I'm also happy that I paid much less than the going price on Amazon.

If you're not lucky enough to find a catalog like this one and you don't want to break the bank by buying a copy online, check out Pinterest -- there are hundreds of pages available. 


  1. You are going to have a blast being creative with your find. :-)


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