Now for something not-completely different -- two new collages

My unofficial New Year's resolution is to try new things. I don't mean death-defying adventures. Just changing up my regular routine by ordering a new dish at my favorite restaurant (risking disappointment), taking a different route on my drive to the mall (risking getting lost), and playing around with new materials and ideas in my collages (risking failure).

For example, in the collage below, I tried 2 new techniques. First, I layered paper scraps and a tissue sewing pattern onto cardboard and cut out silhouettes. Second, I added buttons for something different. Too cute?
Collage made with buttons and sewing patterns

For my second experiment, I took a damaged cover of an old Nancy Drew book, distressed it even more, and then collaged on top of it. I'm happy with the results, although I may regret including those panty-hosed legs. Jackie deserves better!
Collage made with damaged book cover


  1. How brave of you! This is so exciting! Go for it! You will find success out of failure. You will find success out of success! Just a perfect resolution. I like the silhouette immensely. :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, John. Yes, both success and failure mean learning. Probably I learn more from failure, but it's painful.


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