Turning Japanese --- collages inspired by ephemera from Tokyo

A few months ago, a good friend went to Japan to visit her family. I asked her to pick up some ephemera for me. I'm always looking for unusual papers and publications to cut apart and use in my collages. 

My friend fulfilled my request, sending me a package full of colorful -- and completely incomprehensible -- ads. I grabbed my scissors and started cutting. Here are the first 2 collages I've made with the material.

Hand cut paper collage by C Mazzie-Ballheim

Hand cut paper collage by C Mazzie-Ballheim

Each collage measures 8 x 8 in., mounted on thin wood. The black and white transparent portraits come from my stash of retro women's magazines. I made transfers using clear packing tape. 


  1. Totally fun getting ephemera from another country. There are flea markets in Japan where one can find amazing vintage Japanese ephemera.

    1. I'd like to have a few more ephemera "pen pals" to trade material with!


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