Collage for a punk rock grill

Long ago, in a college cafeteria a long way away, I met my first punk-rock grrl. A freshman like me, Melissa was cool in a way I only dreamed about. She wrote poetry and traveled to distant cities, alone, to see rock icons like the Clash and the Who.

Today she lives in NYC (of course) and still writes poetry. I made her a birthday card to thank her for all she taught me about music.

Here's the front:
hand cut paper collage about music
Before I met Melissa, my taste in music was teen pop meets disco. Seriously. (I actually took disco dance lessons in high school!) Melissa, thanks to a very hip older brother, knew everything about early rock & roll, blues, R&B, as well as the new punk scene. 
hand cut paper collage about music
The collage I made for her is not punk. But I couldn't resist adding text from an old etiquette guide (circa 1950) about young ladies in college. We were nothing like those ladies, by the way...

Thank you, Melissa, for introducing me to Elvis Costello, X, the Ramones, and so many more.


  1. How wonderful for your friend to be honored with your amazing collages. :-)


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