C'mon get happy -- a mixed media collage

Some of my favorite collage artists use old book covers as the background for their works. I thought I'd give it a try; thanks to my obsession with making tablet cases out of old books, I have plenty of covers to choose from.

In this book-cover collage, I included several 3-dimensional elements -- like this yellow magnetic question mark (the kind you put on your fridge) attached to corrugated cardboard.
mixed media collage
The spines of old books are held together with fabric tape. The tape I added to this collage is full of texture and pattern.
mixed media collage
To complement scrap paper from a vintage sewing pattern, I added blue ric-rac. (I just love saying "ric-rac.")
mixed media collage
Finally, I surrounded a photo with tiles from an old Scrabble-like game.
mixed media collage
Here's the final, complete collage. Do you recognize the star of the piece? Yes, it's my first celebrity crush, David Cassidy.

mixed media collage
And before you ask, no, I have no idea what David Cassidy has to do with an alpaca -- or an alter boy!


  1. Great job! I think I would have been tempted to affix David Cassidy's head on top of the altar boy body, but maybe you'd positioned it there and didn't like how it looked. All in all, a fun collage.

    (And oh, how that altar boy image brings back memories of growing up Catholic in the 60's and 70's!)


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