Making collages to give away

One problem with making art is knowing what to do with it after it's done. My house is filled with piles and piles of collages and stacks of almost-finished paintings. But I can't stop creating new stuff. 

So I've started giving it away. But I don't want to burden people with unwanted crap -- especially my Etsy customers. What's something that everyone can use and I can make?

Bookmarks! I started by collaging leftover paper bits onto cardboard cereal boxes, then stenciled and dripped paint. 

For the other side, I cut up 2 magazine pages into strips, then lined them up and sanded them.
Collaged bookmarksCollaged bookmarks

After cutting them into bookmark-sized strips and counting the corners, I attached a few images to each side.
collaged bookmarks
collaged bookmarks
Pretty cool, if I do say so myself!


  1. Everyone can use a bookmark, and how fun to have a piece of art instead of a plain ole' marker


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