Entering My First Collage Show

After making collages for several years, I decided to enter my first juried show, sponsored by the Northwest Collage Society. Here are my two entries (each measures 12" x 12").
Beauty and the Feast hand cut paper collage
Beauty and the Feast
It's a women's world hand cut paper collage
It's a Women's World
Only one collage was accepted. Before I reveal which one, I'll show how I developed them.

To make the first background, ripped a couple of magazine pages into long strips and arranged them in two alternating patterns. Then I distressed them using sandpaper.
making collage for NW Collage Society show
I was worried that the background would overwhelm anything I put on top, so I muted it using transparent yellow-white acrylic paint.
making collage for NW Collage Society show
I wasn't sure where to go next, so I started trying out (or "auditioning") all kinds of images. Food came to the forefront. (As in life, so in art...)
making collage for NW Collage Society show
Eventually, I kept some of the food but decided I needed new "people."

I used the same technique to begin the second collage. In this case, the background ended up looking like an American flag.
making collage for NW Collage Society show

To "push back" the background, I added pieces of an old sewing pattern. Then I auditioned different middle- and foreground elements.
making collage for NW Collage Society show

Can you guess which collage got accepted? It was "It's a Women's World."

If you're in the Puget Sound area, you can visit the show, called "Collage Squared," starting August 17 at the Kenmore City Hall.


  1. That's great! Wish I were up that way to see the show.

  2. Congratulations on entering and getting into your first juried show. I can't wait to see you piece in person. They look terrific on your blog. This is super that you got in. :-)

    1. I'm excited!! Thanks for your constant encouragement!!


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