Put-a-bird-on-it cutout accordion book

This month's project in my collage workshop was an accordion book with a difference. Before I reveal the secret, here's the finished book, front and back.
Cutout accordion book
(Yes, I "put a bird on it.")
Cutout accordion book
Usually an accordion book is made out of one long strip of paper. This version, however, uses two strips. We completely collaged both strips (on both sides). Our fearless leader John suggested that we use contrasting colors.
Cutout accordion book
Once we were done collaging, John broke the bad news -- we had to cut out large chunks from our carefully made collages. From one strip, we cut out a triangle from the center. In the other, the triangles came from the edges.
Cutout accordion book
The final step was to weave the two strips together. I like the effect, but I'm not sure it was worth losing all those beautiful bird parts.

I saved a few castoff triangles and attached them to the book's front and back covers.
Cutout accordion book
Next time, I will cut first and collage afterward.

Here's John's cutout accordion book...


  1. Your interlocking journal turned out so well. Part of creating collage is layering and when one layers one has to give up something sometimes that gets covered up. This type of journal or book does just that when you cut something out to create the book, you might lose something that is dear. It is exciting to know that if your journal needs something additional after it has been interlocked then other ephemera can be added. Whenever we create something the first time it is a learning experience. Adaptations can easily be made if subsequent journals are made. It is exciting to hear you think about how to proceed on a second attempt. I absolutely love the partial birds on the cover. :-)

    1. You are right -- the first time is for learning. I should make another one now that I know what's involved...


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