Dusting (and drawing) Mom's knickknacks

One of the few chores I had as a kid was dusting. Dusting tabletops, shelves and miscellaneous items that Dad called "knickknacks" -- glass and metal items we never used but insisted on attracting dust. I was inspired to sketch the most memorable...

My Mom had two chafing dishes, a silver one and a copper one, like the one below. I remember how hard it was to open the brass lid on the small cylinder at the bottom.

Colored pencil drawing of copper chafing dish
Mom collected lots of glassware, some of it Depression era, like this small milk glass cruet. 
Colored pencil drawing of milk glass cruet
This large amber ashtray sat on a coffee table for years without being used. 
Colored pencil drawing of large ashtray
Mom spent days refurbishing a copper tub, polishing it to a brilliant orange shine.
Colored pencil drawing of copper tub
I always thought my Mom's Murano glass clowns were handsome, but my husband recently admitted that he thinks they are hideous. 
Colored pencil drawing of glass clown

Colored pencil drawing of glass clown
I may have imagined it, but I'm pretty sure my Mom had at least one set of glass grapes, which were popular in the 1960s. Each grape was plum-sized and came with plastic green leaves.
Colored pencil drawing of glass grapes

Colored pencil drawing of glass grapes
Finally, the Buddhas....I'm not sure why Mom had a set of wooden Buddha figures -- she never expressed any interest in the religion -- but I enjoyed dusting them. I even brought them home to my house, so I could continue dusting them.
Colored pencil drawing of wooden Buddhas