The perfect tool for making envelopes out of recycled paper

Tool for making envelopes out of recycled paperA while back I confessed that my attention to detail could use some...attention. I've been trying to slow down and bring more Zen-like focus to whatever I'm doing. That's hard. I found an easier way -- find a tool that makes creating idiot-proof. And in the case of repurposed envelopes, I found just the thing! 

Voila! The Envelope Punch Board!
Tool for making envelopes out of recycled paper
Until I got it, I didn't realize how lame my handmade envelopes were. I had devised my own lop-sided template, which produced dimensionally challenged envelopes for my collaged notecards. 

I researched several different envelope making tools. This one seemed to have the most fans. And at $16, I figured I could take a risk.

To prepare, I watched a few how-to videos. But when the board arrived, I was still frighted by the grid printed on its face. What could all these numbers mean?????
Tool for making envelopes out of recycled paper
The grid turned out to be my new best friend, the key to making perfect envelopes, for any size card. It's this easy.

How to use the Envelope Punch Board

1. Measure your card.
how to use envelope punch board
2. Look up the size on the grid. (Round up, if necessary.)
how to use envelope punch board
3. Cut the paper you've chosen for the envelope into a square with the dimensions shown on the grid. In my case. since my card is about 4" x 5 1/2", I needed to cut my paper down to 7 7/8" square. 

4. Put the envelope paper onto the board and position it so the left edge lines up with the number shown on the grid. For my card, the point was 3 3/8.
how to use envelope punch board
5. Press the teal button in the center of the board, and then score the paper along the guide line. (Don't press too hard or you'll slice the paper in two.)
how to use envelope punch board
6. Rotate the paper counter-clockwise and align the score line with the notch on the teal button. Press the button and make a second score line.
how to use envelope punch board
7. Repeat steps 5-6 for the other two corners. Then glue the edges.

Here are some of my finished envelopes. They always fit the card, every time! (Well, as long as I measure the card accurately.)
Envelopes made out of recycled paper

Envelopes made out of recycled paper

As if this weren't enough, the board includes a second punch that cuts rounded corners. My upcycled cards have never looked so polished!
Rounded corners
The tool is made by We R Memory Keepers. And no, I didn't receive a free tool or any compensation for my glowing review.


  1. Great tool. I have some plastic envelope templates but only a few sizes. You bought it directly from the website you linked above?

  2. I got it on Amazon. I couldn't find it at Micheals -- they just carry the Martha Stewart version.

    1. Thanks! I might have to order myself one when I place my next Amazon order.

  3. This will be on my amazon wishlist, when we're back in the U.S. ...I love making envelopes but only used my own template so far...
    Thanks for the review!!!


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