Postcards 9 & 10: Things that go bump in the wind

Here are my last two postcards for the Spring iHanna DIY Postcard Swap, # 9 & 10.

Before I sent this one, I outlined the beasties in black, to make them more visible (the poor girl needs some warning, doesn't she?) If I had to decipher this card, I'd say it has something to do with normal kid fears -- monsters under the bed, creepy bugs with deadly stingers, that kind of thing.
Postcards for iHanna Swap
In the last card, #10, I originally included full-featured people, cut out from 2 kids' books. But the details got lost in the busy, blustery background, so I traced them and used silhouettes instead. I admit they look more like they're falling than floating through the air.
Postcards for iHanna Swap
See the leaves in the backgrounds? I made them with a stamp I carved myself, one of my favorites.

I've started receiving postcards in the mail. I'll share them soon.

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  1. I feel calmed by the message that it's just in her imagination, maybe they are her protectors or guard dogs agains even more scarier monsters under the bed?

    Thanks for sharing your postcards + stories with us Claudia!

    1. As always, you see the lightness in the dark! Thanks, Hanna.


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